hi. i'm katelyn.


I like getting tattooed, terrible memes, and breakfast food, because it's the best. halloween is my favorite holiday- give me all the ghost stories and spooky shit (and tiny reese cups.) I'll talk about nerdy things all day, especially Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Marvel cinematic universe. I have a really dry sense of humor and the number one word people use to describe me is 'chill.' sound like we'll get along? just wait, it gets better. I'm a pretty good photographer, so....


2021 photo goals-

  • shoot in Europe
  • shoot an art gallery wedding
  • shoot on a beach in California
  • do some kind of cool city shoot in Chicago
  • more in-home sessions!
  • shoot at either Harry Potter World or Epcot (or both?!)

if any of these apply to you....drop me a line. there could be special pricing involved for you!