ask away,

I'm here to help.

these are some of the most frequently asked questions I get- I cover a lot of topics here but if there is anything else you want to know, please ask me! chances are this is the first time you've done the whole wedding planning thing- and guess what? I've worked a whole bunch of weddings, and I'm qualified to offer some insight. so seriously, ask away- drop me a line at I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

can I order prints from you?

yes, please do! I have access to professional printing labs that preserve the colors of your photographs. and it's super easy to order prints/canvases right from your delivered gallery! I can also create heirloom albums for you.


how do I book you?

if you're ready to make it official, you'll sign my contract and pay a flat retainer of $750. I want to make booking me the easiest thing for you to do.


can we meet before our session?

yes!! a million times yes. let's get together for coffee (...or stronger drinks) and talk about what kind of cool things we can make together.


a few more...

how do you photograph weddings?

I'm going to be glued to your side all. damn. day. I am a visual storyteller, so I'm going to be there for every single moment- from you getting ready to the bomb party you have afterwards. I prefer a more documentary style, which means I'm going to be more fly-on-the-wall vs in your face constantly; that said, when I see need for it, I'll step in and pose and guide you (and your squad!)

where are you based and do you travel?

I currently live in Charlotte, NC. but I love travel more than just about anything else, so no matter where you're going....I want to go with you. my passport is dying for more stamps. if you're traveling or doing a destination wedding and want me to come along, there could be special pricing in it for you! contact me at and let me know where we're going.

when will we get our photos?

you'll have sneak peeks the next day and your finished gallery within 3-5 weeks! you can download all the photos from the gallery but also share them, choose your favorites, order prints, or drop me a line and we'll design your album together.

how many pictures will we receive? can we have the raw/unedited photos?

your final gallery will contain somewhere between 600-900 images. and noooo absolutely not! asking me to release raw/unedited images is like paying me to paint you half a painting. you chose me because you trust me and the work I do- and the act of showing up and taking the photographs is only half the work, which is why I'll only deliver edited images to you.

do I have to pay for everything upfront?

nope! to book you'll just need to pay a retainer fee and sign my contract, and as long as your balance is paid off 30 days before your wedding we'll be good to go.