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guys, I love weddings. it is wildly cool and such a huge honor to be involved in something so important and intimate. my goal is always to capture honest and emotional photos that really feel like you + your love. I’m inspired by paintings and poetry and stories, and I want to make photographs that feel like all of those things. 

I shoot with a documentary/journalistic style; I value the moments- the small, candid in-betweens. the imperfect and unposed. things that make the day real and raw and emotional and yours. I want to photograph who you are, so I'm here to capture your day as the moments unfold.

I don’t like to put myself in a box with the traditional ‘light & airy’ or ‘dark & moody’ style descriptions. I value consistency, but also want to give each session the attention that it deserves- your wedding is about you, and it isn't going to look like anyone else's.

also- love is love. there is no discrimination or hate in this club.

hours of coverage, engagement session, prints, etc.

if you're getting married- tell me about your dream wedding, or how planning is going! tell me about who you are as people, any hobbies, or things you love to do. tell me about whatever you're watching on Netflix right now. really, just whatever you want to tell me.